FOIA Direct was developed by collaborative efforts of group of technology experts in Massachusetts that have long and successful history of development and maintenance of software applications in New England area in public sector domain.

Through diligent and collaborative work, FOIA Direct is the culmination of a product that everyone involved is proud of. The software will set the standard for public records management process with close attention to details and innovative features and functionalities. Ease of use is our primary objective.

We are only just beginning. The intent is to be creative and learn from the users and continuously improve the product and bring true value to our client base. After launch of the product in January 2017, nearly 30 municipalities are now using our application with many more making commitments to come on board.

One thing is for sure - all those who have reviewed the demonstration of our product have agreed that our application covers all aspects of their legal requirements. More importantly, this is just a start of deep relationship with our customers, and together, we are committed to move forward and started the journey to make our communities sensitive to the needs of citizens and being highly productive while doing so.

The dedicated FOIA Direct team is fully cognizant of the fact that any software product is only as good as the support that the user community expects and receives from the development team. To this effect, the FOIA Direct team is completely committed to provide best and quality support to the users. Our goal is to have our clients to become our best spokespeople.


Leadership Team

Herb Myers


As a very successful Sales visionary working as a conduit for various integral technology entities in corporate America and Government facilities, Herb Myers has impacted the overall growth of companies that range from start-up to Fortune 500. As well as making monumental strides for his Government clients over the last 10 years. He has been able to distinguish himself as a sought after mentor to his many clients and colleagues with a “outside the box” vision and imagination that creates intuitive advancements and achievements. Herb’s commitment in developing and creating mutually beneficial alliances when negotiating and crafting successful contracts with potential partners is unsurpassed. His knowledge of Government sector standards has been instrumental in realizing new platforms and strategic advancements.

After 18 years of consultancy, sales and management experience and numerous accolades in large Corporate IT infrastructure deals and solutions, Herb has now rededicated himself to helping Municipal Government clients become emerging, viable and bourgeoning conduits of transparency through technology. Herb looks forward to branching out, taking risks and distinguishing himself further in 2014 and beyond.

Phone: (978) 729-8387